“TQ is a place where my daughter feels loved and cared for, and is a safe place for her to practice making friends with kids her age.”
Kim Burkhaltersince 2010

“Tristan’s Quest has been a blessing to our family for over 8 years. Many thanks to Dr. Jean for her love and patience with our son. From classroom projects to social groups and summer camps, he has grown into a polite and caring young man. He enjoys attending the Academics Plus program, not just for the help he receives with his homework, but also for the opportunity to be a leader and positive influence for the younger students.”
Lisa Bunchsince 2002

“Tristan’s Quest has given my daughter a sense of empowerment, accomplishment, and confidence that she had been looking for!”
Daccari Farrugiasince 2007

“Bringing my daughter to Tristan’s Quest is the best thing I have ever done! It’s the best place for any child to be.”
Melissa Cartersince 2011

“My son and my family have had a wonderful experience at Tristan’s Quest over the last 5 years. To this day, we feel that coming to TQ was the smartest decision we made for our son. It doesn’t run like a doctor’s office. There is no red tape or cold voice on the line who has no idea who you are until they pull out your file. I have never placed a phone call that wasn’t returned, nor have I ever stopped by without an appointment and been turned away. My son is a more confident, socially competent child because of Tristan’s Quest. I believe that it is one of the few places that he feels he can be himself without judgment. Their philosophy and methods never lose sight of the most important thing. The individual!”
Amy Piconsince 2006

“My son always comes out of a session feeling more empowered and more confident in his social skills. He always leaves Tristan’s Quest with a smile!”
Leslie Lelandsince 2007

“I was at my wits end, no one was listening to me, and my son was very unhappy. Your knowledgeable and caring staff have helped us navigate many challenges since we met in 2005. Your classes, summer camps , parenting, and one on one sessions have really helped our son and our family. You have helped me go to bat for my son when dealing with the public school system. TQ has made a positive impact on our lives and we are grateful for your services. I needed the key to my son’s lock and you helped me find it. Thank you for all that Tristan’s Quest does –for constantly bringing out the best in the amazing son we love so much!”
Becky Ensignsince 2005

“We would like to share our gratitude to Tristan’s Quest for assisting us in the right direction to our son’s happiness and self confidence. He can’t get out the door quick enough to go to Tristan’s Quest. Little does he realize, he is gaining self confidence and learning a ton while having fun at the same time with your guidance. You have enriched his and our lives in so many ways. We feel so blessed to have been referred to Tristan’s Quest and look forward to referring others. It’s not exactly easy to find people who care so much and can make a difference when you feel so helpless and all alone. We’ve learned through Tristan’s Quest, that we are not alone and simple strides are GREAT strides. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Cobi and Susanne Brothers since 2011

“When we first walked into Tristan’s Quest five years ago, we immediately knew that it was a place of hope and understanding for children who often don’t fit in — and for their parents. I am not sure we would have survived these years without the knowledgeable and caring support of Dr. Jean and her staff!”
Linda Lewissince 2006