sibSupport @ TQ Fall 2018

sibSUPPORT @ TQ is a support group for siblings of children with special needs and challenges.

Talk about complicated . . . sharing your life with brothers and sisters can sometimes be difficult, frustrating, challenging, embarrassing, WEIRD, funny, compassionate, and wonderful. Add on that your sibling has a special need and your journey becomes filled with twists and turns oftentimes accompanied by a complex mix of emotions.

sibSUPPORT @ TQ is a NEW program aiming to address the many concerns, feelings, and issues of siblings of children with special needs can share in a well-supervised, open, and caring environment.

Meets every other Wednesday 6:00-7:30 pm (see schedule below) at the Tristan’s Quest office.

Dinner and snack will be provided!


Elementary and middle/high school groups meet:

  • Dates to be determined

Please call 336-547-7460 to register your child or email Dr. Jean at