2012 Winter Interns


Kate Massey

Hi, my name is Kate Massey and I’m interning at Tristan’s Quest for the month of January 2012. I am a sophomore at Elon University, majoring in Psychology with minors in Human Service Studies and Religious Studies.

So far at Tristan’s Quest I have been able to help with behind-the-scenes work in the office to help prepare for upcoming classes, programs, and fundraisers. I was also able to participate in Friday Fun Night, which was a lot of fun and I look forward to helping more with that in the future. I am also excited to have the opportunity to help with some classes like Caring Kids and Good Citizenship. I am the most excited about helping with classes for pre-school and elementary aged children, because that is the age group I am most interested in working with in the future. In the past I have had only limited exposure to kids with disabilities. These experiences at Tristan’s Quest will help me gain experience working with kids with various disorders as well as learn more about how I can best help kids in my future work.

After college, I hope to attend graduate school. In the future I hope to work with young children with various psychological disorders, ideally through play therapy. I want to be involved helping children build their brightest future possible, in whatever way I can. I think the mission of Tristan’s Quest can teach me a lot about the strengths and possibilities within all children, knowledge that will help me a great deal in my future work.