2011-2012 Fall/Spring Interns


Stefanie Morse

Hi! My name is Stefanie Morse, and I’m interning at Tristan’s Quest for the 2011-2012 school year. I will be graduating in May 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Outside of school and my internship, I enjoy running and training for different races, hiking and reading. After college, I plan to go to graduate school to get a Masters in Social Work.

Tristan’s Quest has been a great experience for me thus far. Each day presents new opportunities to gain new leadership, teamwork and child development skills. I have been given the privilege of seeing children with special needs grow academically and socially, and it is one of the most exciting processes I have ever experienced. Each program presents the kids with relative curriculum to their learning needs, setting each child up for success. The atmosphere is fun and positive and we as students are lead by Child Development experts and provided with excellent supervision and daily feedback.

I have worked at a Mental Health agency for about two years, and have always had a fascination with mental health. I have had the opportunity to learn and see first hand the effects of mental illnesses on a child’s development. Since my time at my internship, I have learned so much about a variety of different developmental disorders. Not only is it fascinating, it’s also profoundly rewarding to watch children grow in their academic, social and emotional abilities knowing I was able to be part of that process. I am excited to see the agency grow this next semester and am happy I get to be part of the Tristan’s Quest team.

Sami Kress

Hi, My name is Sami Kress. I’m currently interning at Tristan’s Quest through the Spring of 2012, where I have been since the Fall 2011 semester. In May of this year I will be graduating from UNC Greensboro with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. Since becoming interested in social work, specifically mental health, I have exposed myself to a variety of work in the field, but mostly with children and young adults. In the past, I have worked with Camp Carefree, a summer camp for children with chronic or terminal illnesses, as a counselor.

Interning at Tristan’s Quest has become a great fit for me. Here, I am able to work with two populations that I am extremely interested in. I have the opportunity to work with children while simultaneously gaining invaluable experience in the mental health field. I am extremely excited to learn the skills necessary to help children with a wide variety of needs succeed and get the chance to see progress first-hand. Additionally, I will also be able to learn about how the agency operates and have a hand in preparing activities and working on other kinds of projects for Tristan’s Quest as well. First semester, I worked primarily with a program called Academics Plus. This semester I look forward to working with even more programs and continuing to learn from Dr. Jean!

Following graduation, my hope is to go straight onto graduate school and attain my Master’s in Social Work, hopefully with a concentration in either mental health or policy and community management. I want to eventually work for and with the community to help people gain access and learn about great resources such as Tristan’s Quest and I think my internship here is a great start to doing that.