2010 Interns


Hannah Walsh

My name is Hannah Walsh and I am a second year student at UNCG. I am working towards a degree in Social Work and later a MSW.

I chose to do my volunteer work at Tristan’s Quest because I am interested in working with children. I hope to participate in all aspects of the agency. I hope to learn from my experiences and in turn make a difference in others’ lives.

Kristen Smith

My name is Kristen Smith. I’m a senior at UNC-Greensboro and will be graduating in May with a BS in Human Development and Family studies with a concentration in Child Adolescent Development and a minor in Sociology.

I have over 7 years of experience working with teens in emotionally charged environments and have coached, tutored, and been a camp counselor for children ages five to eighteen. At Tristan’s Quest, I work with SKIP groups, Caring Kids, Good Citizenship classes, and the high school girls group. So far my time at Tristan’s Quest has yielded very positive and exciting experiences. I can only hope that when my internship ends, I can find a job that is just as rewarding as my time at Tristan’s Quest has been.

Courtney Marsh

Hello, I am Courtney Marsh. I am currently a fourth-year student at UNCG, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Social Work.

I honestly can say I couldn’t imagine doing my internship with any other organization. Here at Tristan’s Quest I’m involved in the SKIP program as well as Caring Kids and Good Citizenship classes. Seeing the children every week and just being a part of Tristan’s Quest has opened my eyes to the bigger picture of mental illness. As I continue to learn more, I feel these experiences will better prepare me for my future career. I’m glad I’m a part of the Tristan’s Quest Squad!

Hazel Inglis

Hey! I’m Hazel Inglis and I am a senior at UNCG. My major is Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in child and adolescent development.

Here at Tristan’s Quest I am doing one-on-one tutoring with at-risk students and I am involved in the SKIP program. I am learning a lot every day and am enjoying my time here at Tristan’s Quest.

Jennifer Evans

I am Jennifer Evans; I am a senior at UNCG Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. My concentration is child and adolescent development.

At Tristan’s Quest, I am actively involved with children and adolescent in many ways. I participate in Good Citizenship classes for students in K-5, Caring Kids for 3- and 4-year-olds, Growing Up with Style Grace and Confidence for high school girls and one-on-one tutoring. I also assist with SKIP, which is a support group for children of incarcerated parents in Guilford County Public Schools. Tristan’s Quest is a great place to reinforce HDFS theories in a fun exciting environment!

Lauren Bedenbaugh

My name is Lauren Bedenbaugh, I am a senior at UNCG earning a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, with a concentration in Family Studies.

I am currently interning at Tristan’s Quest for the Spring 2010 semester. At Tristan’s Quest I am involved in all Good Citizenship classes, working with children K-1st, 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th graders. I also work with the 3- to 4-year-olds in the Caring Kids Classes, the Growing Up with Style Grace and Confidence for high school girls, as well as one-on-one tutoring throughout the week. I attend the SKIP programs within the Guilford County Public School System to support children of incarcerated parents. After I graduate my plan is to become a Child Life Specialist. Tristan’s Quest is a great place to receive pre-professional experience in a relaxing, fun environment.