How do I get involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved at Tristan’s Quest, for interns as well as volunteers. We allow for hands-on training and education in the children’s mental health field. We appreciate the high level of interest, hard work, and dedication to our cause. Because positions are competitive, we require an interview as well as a criminal background screening (which costs $6.50 for the applicant)* prior to obtaining a placement.

Please call and schedule an interview if interested. Available interview times vary.

Before an interview, please be familiar with our website. The following links will be helpful.
See our programs
See what we do at Tristans Quest
See get involved and support Tristans Quest
See our very special history

*Volunteers are needed for selling baseball parking tickets and other fundraisers. Volunteer work that will NOT include direct interaction with children will not require a background check.

Contact Ellison Hargis at or (336) 547-7460 for current opportunities and to schedule an interview.